Walking Performance (2020),
Performance for Video
Installation for ‘Contact Zones I’
at ArtScape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON
Contact Zones I (Toronto Island) (2022)
Fleeting Island (2021)
Mixed Media Collage, Found-Objects
Fucking Under Foliage

Horse fly 				along bodies
Cruising circuits and 	circle jerk bushes
Im just bird watching,		 Officer
And fucking 			under foliage; Bareback, barefoot
Wondering what 			mutation 		may emerge
From sweat 				semen 		depletion 	erosion organic   orgasm
Stroked from 	the grey chimney			a sweet substance like    
Milkweed and 	monarch fly south 	to the mouth 			of the Spit
Feeding on flesh 			and latex 	and trees
In 	ruins of 		modernity 		the violent 	hum of 	cicada
Linger for 		the ghost of precarity
Haunting 	sweaty 			ephemera and	 somber 		leaves
Another 			sentience beyond 				a broken fence
With 					evermore 	biodiversity for 			coyote
Or 	a sense of 	anonymity 	as	the married man 	 bent over benches
Designed 	by hobos in 			high-grass 		tenements
The city 	    is hot  extreme      conditions 			economic 	inflation
Washing down	the sanitized 	state 	surveillance 	drones 	
Embedded in pretentious 			flowerpots
Till Jim       the junkie torches the glass 	dick of existential    threat
And says: 		“it isn’t                love without 			sweat and spit”

Marvin Veloso, 2021

This One Guy at the Rally (2021)
Spoken-word Performance for Video
Self-Portrait (2020)
Documentation of Found-Object Sculpture